Why Aren’t Other Dioceses Looking to Lincoln?

and blodnesdWhen there are so many dioceses in the US in crisis with: Decreasing Mass attendance, decreasing or non-existent promotion and practice of Eucharistic and Marian devotions, increased closings of Churches and Schools, lack of interest in fostering and encouraging vocations to the Priesthood and religious life, and a general loss of Faith and secularization and protestantization of our Catholic Churches – why is it that so many Bishops seem almost paralyzed, blind, and resistant, at times even scorning, to work toward and implement effective remedies with Faith, Courage, and boldness to stop the hemorraging taking place in parish after parish in the US? Why will they not take seriously the success of dioceses like Lincoln. Nebraska? Is the “smoke of Satan” suffocating them to the point that they no longer see the dangers to the sheep whom they shepherd? Please make the sacrifices necessary to restore the beauty of our Faith and Catholicism back to our dioceses and parishes. Your sheep are thirsty for the Truth and the beauty and awe of the Divine Mysteries. In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Pastor and Good Shepherd, please feed His and your Sheep.

(Photo from the 2015 Mass of Ordination in the Diocese of Lincoln, NE) So often these days we read of the ongoing collapse of Catholicism in the west.  In diocese after diocese we see parishes…

Source: Why Aren’t Other Dioceses Looking to Lincoln?

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